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Yara Bellydance

Instructor, Choreographer, Performer & Costumier .

"The Human Body is the best instrument 

that God will ever give you.

Use it wisely and let your dancing explode, with expression that frees the soul ......

by Yara

Start your journey into Bellydance

Enhance your technique and quality of movement with clear, concise and patient instruction from a qualified and experienced Belly dance instructor.

Yara is a JWAAD Professionally Trained Egyptian Belly dance Teacher and Performer.

She has taught and performed for over 20 years teaching classes, workshops courses and Adult Education.

Bellydance Technique - Moves, Shimmies & Steps

Bellydance Combinations- Wild Combinations guaranteed to thrill!

Bellydance - Expressive Choreographies & Free flowing Improvisation

Bellydance - Belly- fit Fitness Drills

Bellydance - Magical Veil Dancing

Bellydance - Fascinating Finger Cymbal Technique

Bellydance- Music Rhythms and Instuments

Bellydance classes available for technique, musicality, and expression!