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Yara Bellydance

Instructor, Choreographer, Performer & Costumier .

Incline your ear to the music

by Yara

"When you dance you may be listening, but are you hearing?"

Knowing your music is one of the most important things a dancer should be aware of.

Whether it's for a choreography or improvisation.

Over the many years of enjoying Middle Eastern dance and it’s music whether it be Turkish or Egyptian or any of the others. Your CD collection will increase to a large amount (hopefully) as the addiction to this wonderful music grows at an alarming rate over the years.

It is import to enjoy your music, know the dance style it belongs to and be able to identify the variety of musical instruments and rhythms.

Many dancers can learn to dance to very technically high standards with mesmerizing shimmies, gliding steps and punchy percussive moves and are so eager to show off their technique that they churn it out mechanically and end up dancing against the music failing to listen carefully to what the music is saying and interpret it effectively with their bodies.

I’ve seen a real waste of bolshy hits missed through bad timing due to not knowing when they are due to come along.

Or even moving around fast to a taqasim that should be done slowly just to go against the grain and exhibit ego rather than correct knowledge.

Therefore producing a performance that lacks feeling and emotion without the ability of the audience to see the dancer connecting with the music.

Dancing is the 3D way of visually hearing the music and as a dancer it’s your job to do this effectively across to your audience at the time.

So, what to do? The only way to do this is to get to know your music thoroughly,

Try to obtain new music fairly often by CD, MP3 Download Youtube clips etc. and get to know it.

Try playing it in the car or on headphones or when you are on your own at home.

Get to know your music, it’s mood, tempo and style and

through classes and workshops, the proper instruction on how certain pieces should be danced to and do likewise.

Incline your ear to the music feel it, use it and dance a great performance!