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Yara Bellydance

Instructor, Choreographer, Performer & Costumier .



Instructional Bellydance Technique DVD RECOMMENDATIONS

1. TEJAL-Discover The Bellydancer in You. 1x DVD.

2. TEJAL-Improve The Bellydancer in You. 1 x DVD.

3. Bellydance Basics and Beyond by Jenna. 1 x DVD.

4. Bellydance The Next Level by Jenna. 1 x DVD.

5. Amira's Dance 101. 1 x DVD.

Instructional Bellydance Props DVD RECOMMENDATIONS

1. Killer Ziller Michelle Joyce - Finger Cymbal Technique 1 x DVD

2. Learn Finger Cymbals with Ansuya - Finger Cymbal Technique 1 x DVD

3. Virginia Presents Learn to play Finger Cymbals - Finger Cymbal Tecgnique 1 x DVD

4. Veil with Azizia Bellydance Instruction - Veil Technique 1 x DVD

5. Bellydance with Veil by Sarah Skinner - 1 x DVD

6. Silk Bellydance Veil Work out with Tanna Valentine 1 x DVD


1. Beginners Guide to Bellydance by Various Artists. - 3 x CD Box Set.

2. Best of Bellydance from Egypt,Lebanon, Arabia & Turkey. - 1 x CD.

3. 10 songs every Bellydancer Should know various artists. - 1 x CD.

4. Bellydance Superstars Volume Three. - 1 x CD.

5. Exotic Oriental Bellydancing. Dejavu Retro Gold Collection.- 3 x CD Set.