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Yara Bellydance

Instructor, Choreographer, Performer & Costumier .

Practice makes Perfect!

by Yara

It’s very important to practice no truer word can be said in regards to anything you wish to become exceptionally good at!

Regularly practicing Bellydance ensures that your technique remains sharp, your arms and foot work co-ordinate, your timing is strong and the moves imprint themselves into your body ready to be accessed at any time you wish to perform.

Whilst you practice, you are also giving yourself the opportunity to

discover new moves or variations of moves in order to keep your repertoire fresh exciting and creative and helping to put your own signature on the way in which you dance.

Ie. A Hip drop or shimmy type that is unique to you.

It’s also good to practice as you are making the dance an important part of your life and health and not compartmentalizing or pigeon holeing the dance into a

“when I get a spare ten minutes” because it’s too exotic to be considered to be a form of exercise.



·A good way to start a structured way of practicing, is to make a list of the moves you are good at and not so good at and practice both. Remembering to pace yourself with the moves that you are not so good at and be patient with yourself.

·After practicing this way for a while, you may want to work with combinations of moves you can think of to make your practice time more interesting.

·Then try working with a list of drills, you may even want to type them up in large writing and attach them up high where you can easily read them whilst you dance.

·Next, try a little improvisation exercise. As a test try dancing to a piece of music without stopping. This may be a bit of a challenge for a beginner but it's an absolute breeze to a more experienced dancer, as it involves having to think on your feet without going blank!

·Finally try dancing to the different styles and props you have knowledge of.

Trying drills, combinations, improvisations and creating your own choreographies.

Also, if really want to get analytical, try filming yourself.

This will give you great insight into how well you are keeping a good posture, suitable expression, your technique, co-ordination of arms and feet, timing and transition of movement.

Be as critical as you can if you're really, really serious about becoming better and better at this wonderful dance form. You owe it to yourself, your teacher and

the International bellydance community as a whole. Personally I also owe it to God as I believe he gave us the finest Instrument you will ever own…….Your body and the scope of what it can do with regards to movement, is AMAZING!!