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Yara Bellydance

Instructor, Choreographer, Performer & Costumier .

The Drum Solo

"Sorts the women from the Girls"

Hips firing on all cylinders, vibrating like a pneumatic drill, pulling out all the stops..

Speed technique timing and direction all put to powerful use.

Yes the Drum Solo usually performed at the end of a routine short sharp firey and dynamic!

However a Drum solo does not have to be fast and furious it can be subtle, yet sharp with lots of finesse and class.

I saw a wonderful Drum Solo at Planet Egypt by a dancer that fitted this category and I was extremely impressed by what I saw.

Anyway back to the Drum solo as said previously, is performed at the end of a routine and usually improvised (unless choreographed) with the dancer taking her/his queue from the Tabla player who will play a succession of rhythmns, hits and tacks which the dancer should be skilled enough to visually interpret.

Do remember to travel with a Drum Solo, it's not just about standing on the spot and shimmying for all eternity, pleeeease!

Also a Drum solo has room for fluid movements as well believe it or not, which makes such a nice change, it's not all about knocking out all the DOMS and TAKS.