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Yara Bellydance

Instructor, Choreographer, Performer & Costumier .

12 UsefulTraining Tips

by Yara

Outside of the class environment it's sensible to keep up good practices to benefit your dancing.

This will keep you inspired and energised and on your toes with thinking of new challenges to keep your Bellydance training fresh and uplifting :-

1. Vary Your exercise life, i.e. Yoga, Aerobics and Walking as well as Bellydancing.

2. Eat a balanced healthy diet and drink Water Regularly.

3. Practice makes perfect, do so regularly.

4. Film yourself to analyse your Dancing for technique, expression, Positioning and alignment, timing.

5. Practice by Improvising, as new moves always pop up that way.

6. Test your Improvisation stamina by dancing to as many tracks on a CD as possible without allowing yourself to stop.

7. Write a set of combinations or drills to practice to a favourite piece of music.

8. Give yourself a challenge, frequently write new Choreographies to perform.

9. Practice along to a Bellydance Instructional DVD to sharpen your technique, or even a performance DVD as you're very likely to pick up new moves.

10. Learn a new Prop.

11. Watch and Learn from Others.

12. Very importantly, be Humble, you never know it all!